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Insurance Tips You Can Truly Use

Oct 22 2021

Insurance Costs

What is the cost of a workers’ compensation waiver of subrogation?

Here's a frequently asked question: What is the cost of a workers' compensation waiver of subrogation? The answer isn't straightforward since insurance companies charge for their work comp waiver of subrogation (WOS) endorsements differently. Read on to learn more! ...
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Oct 20 2021

FOA Client Packages

FOA Client Package Spotlight #9 – A Dedicated Service Team

Thank you for watching our video on FOA Client Package spotlight #9 - a dedicated service team. At Fusco Orsini & Associates, we believe in providing the best customer experience for all of our clients. And we think that ...
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Oct 19 2021

Insurance Costs

What is the cost of a cyber insurance policy? Watch to learn more.

We hear about cybercrimes constantly. Ransomware attacks, cyberextortion, identity fraud, phishing scams, malware; are all around us. With the increase of cyber activity in 2020 and 2021, cyber insurance, such as cyber liability, has become more critical. CYBER LIABILITY ...

Oct 19 2021

Team Business

TB32 – Emily Williams Is Obsessed With Getting You Rich! Listen In on Team Business.

In this episode of the Team Business podcast, Emily Williams joins co-hosts Mike Fusco and Ray Ramirez to speak about her desire to help female entrepreneurs in their business journeys. As a Money Mindset Expert, Emily talks about creating ...

Oct 18 2021

FOA Client Packages

FOA Client Package Spotlight #8 – Claims and Audits Support

Two of the most significant pain points in managing an insurance policy are claims and audits. Because of this, we believe it's imperative to provide all of our business clients with claims and audits support. INSURANCE CLAIMS The team ...

Oct 14 2021

Insurance Company Reviews

Hartford Business Insurance Review for Fusco Orsini & Associates

The Hartford Insurance Company is an excellent partner to Fusco Orsini & Associates. At FOA, we represent Hartford's business and personal lines products. In today's video, Mike Fusco provides a review of Hartford business insurance. HARTFORD'S HISTORY The Hartford ...

Oct 13 2021

FOA Client Packages

FOA Client Package Spotlight #7 – Industry Benchmark Reporting

Industry benchmarking is an excellent tool for businesses to utilize for several reasons. For today's video, Mike Fusco and Ray Ramirez discuss employee benefits benchmarking and how it can help you attract more talent to your firm. FOA IS ...

Oct 12 2021

Insurance Company Reviews

Liberty Mutual Business Insurance Review

You have many options for business insurance, and Fusco Orsini & Associates is your trusted advisor for several business services. If you're looking for general liability insurance, workers' compensation insurance, business automobile insurance, inland marine, commercial property, or many ...

Oct 12 2021

Insurance Haus

Insurance Haus: Natasha Fericelli from Paylocity Joins The Insurance Haus to Talk about HCMs

https://youtu.be/1TplkZaOp_g In this episode of the Insurance Haus podcast, co-hosts Mike Fusco and Ray Ramirez are joined by Natasha Fericelli, HRIS Software Consultant at Paylocity. Natasha discusses how Paylocity is helping business owners streamline their recruiting, onboarding, benefits administration, ...

Oct 8 2021

FOA Client Packages

FOA Client Package Spotlight #6 – Nurse Triage Membership

How can a nurse triage call center help your business? Fusco Orsini & Associates is more than an insurance agency. We provide a consultative approach to assist our business clients with the overall well-being of their company. One of ...
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