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Discover the Fusco Orsini & Associates 24/7 Self-Service Portal!

At Fusco Orsini & Associates, we’re dedicated to making the complex world of insurance easy for our clients. For that reason, we’re bringing you a brand new 24/7 Self-Service Portal. The Portal provides all clients with a simpler way to manage their insurance all in one place, at no additional cost. To access the portal, simply go to and click “24/7 Self-Service” under the Portals tab.

Once logged in, the Portal’s home screen will display the team of personnel at the agency who can help with your policy, along with quick links and documents that your FOA team has uploaded for you.

Along the top of the page are different tabs, including:

Policies: This tab lists all the policies you have, the type of policies you have, your policy numbers, the effective dates for each policy, the insurance company your policy is under, and a “View Summary” link that opens a PDF summary of each policy detailing the Policy’s limits and premium.

Auto ID: Available if you have an auto policy through FOA, this tab allows you to view your Auto ID card.

Claims: This tab is where you can file a claim and check on its progress.

Documents: This tab is where you can find any documents uploaded by Fusco Orsini & Associates personnel.

Certificate Request Form: This tab directs you to the page where you can request a certificate of insurance or an additional insurer.

If you haven’t used your client portal please give us a call at (858) 384-1507 so we can set you up and answer any questions.

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Discover our Risk Management and Compliance ‘Client Portal!’

“Client Portal” is a paid risk management and compliance portal that is available to Fusco Orsini & Associates clients. The “Client Portal” provides a newsfeed of relevant, accurate, and time-saving resources that clients can access 24/7. Examples include compliance posters, industry standards, policies like “Return to Work” policies, and more.

Once logged in, the home page will display an Ad banner highlighting the latest industry trends and developments.

Located above the Ad Banner, you will find popular content category tabs that will help you explore content related to subjects you are interested in. You can also access these categories by clicking the explore menu option on the left-hand side of the page.

Directly below the Ad Banner is a newsfeed that is frequently updated with relevant and downloadable content and tools that are written and reviewed by a team of professional writers and attorneys. You will also be able to access a variety of industry-specific information including industry standards, compliance posters, and more through the newsfeed.

On the right-hand side of the home page, you can view content that has been recently accessed and opened by other members of your company as well as trending topics that other employers are viewing.

On the left-hand side of the page, you will find a search tool that helps you locate content on specific keywords. Once you search for a keyword, you can view recommended content, FAQs, resources, and popular forms and policies.

Also on the left-hand side of the page, beneath the Explore tab, you’ll find the From Your Broker tab. Here you will find resource recommendations personalized to your company based on what the portal knows about your needs.

 Beneath the Explore tab, you will also find the Toolbox tab where you can set up a personalized and easy to navigate calendar of compliance deadlines that include relevant details and links to each event. You can even get email reminders of compliance deadlines.

On the top right-hand side of the page, you will see an HR Hotline button. This button allows you to connect with a team of HR experts available via email and phone to help you with your HR and risk management concerns.

In addition to having access to an abundance of resources, you can also customize email alerts, personalize your portal by tailoring your content to specific topic categories, locations, industries, and more. For more details and setting up access to Client Portal please contact us at (858)384-1506 or email us at

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