FOA Client Package Spotlight #1 – Experience Modification Analysis and Planning!

As a business insurance broker and insurance agent to many businesses, Fusco Orsini & Associates understands the need to provide its clients with value-added services. The team at FOA knows that to be the best partner to its customers, it must deliver insurance solutions, risk management, and compliance services. That’s why we provide every business customer an FOA Client Package – streamlined insurance, risk, and compliance services for busy professionals. If you have yet to take advantage of yours, please ask your agent or account manager for assistance with onboarding!


An FOA Client Package consists of several products and services. So, we decided to spotlight one service in each video for this series, named ‘FOA Client Package Spotlight.’

FOA CLIENT PACKAGE SPOTLIGHT #1 – Experience Modification Factor Analysis and Planning

Most FOA Client Packages include experience modification analysis and planning. A key benefit to many clients, EMOD analysis and planning can help a company’s bottom line. Workers’ compensation insurance is expensive, and experience medication factors could impact costs significantly. Our analysis reports help our clients understand the factors contributing to their EMOD. We also use the information to plan risk management strategies for EMOD reduction and premium savings.


If you have not performed a risk assessment on your business or do not fully understand your experience modification rate, please complete the form below. An associate of Fusco Orsini will reach out to you quickly to your business on track.

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