FOA Client Package Spotlight #10 – DocuSign e-Signature Platform

Fusco Orsini & Associates is an independent insurance agency that partners with DocuSign. You may have received a DocuSign envelope to sign your paperwork in the past; FOA uses the platform to enhance customer experience and ensure ease of business for all.


We utilize e-signatures for seamless processing across our client’s entire insurance lifecycle. Examples include starting a new policy, requesting endorsements, billing and audit servicing, and policy renewals.


Not only do we utilize DocuSign to improve our client experience and the ease of doing business, but it also adds a level of protection and security for our customers. Here are a few reasons why. 1) You cannot miss tagged signature locations on the application. 2) The application and information are transferred securely via the DocuSign platform. 3) Additional layers of identity verification are available to customers that request it. 4) DocuSign returns completed PDF documents for easy storage and accessibility. 5) You can avoid traveling and visiting your broker’s office by signing for all devices at any location! We also rely on DocuSign as a leader in e-Signature software to consistently update and improve their product. We believe they have the client’s best interest in mind.


Are you still visiting your broker’s office to sign insurance paperwork? Are you faxing or mailing documents? If so, a more accessible experience is just a phone call away. Give us a call at 858-384-1506 to get started with our agency! You may also complete the form below, and we will connect you will a Fusco Orsini associate.

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