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Insurance for Individuals & Families

Insurance Coverage For You and Your Family

Insurance for Individuals & Families Insurance for Individuals & Families

Both individuals and families move through changes in life. Over time, you may change jobs, get married or have children. You or a family member may have health issues that require medical treatment. Personal Insurance Coverage can help you address these life changes.

Considering Health Insurance and Auto Insurance

When you start a career, you’ll need to consider health insurance. You may get health insurance through your employer. Self-employed people and small business owners may need to shop for health insurance policies. This situation may be a good time to consult with an insurance professional to decide on insurance coverage.

Most people get auto insurance through their family when they first get their driver’s license. When you leave home, you’ll need your own auto insurance policy. Many states now require a minimum amount of car insurance coverage. You can consider a policy that will cover your vehicle, if it is damaged in an accident. Your policy can also cover legal liabilities if anyone else in injured in the accident.

Renting and Owning Property, Umbrella Insurance

You should consider renter’s insurance if you rent a home or an apartment. Your landlord’s insurance policy will typically not protect your property inside a landlord’s building. Once you buy a home, you can consider homeowner’s insurance. Both renters and homeowner’s insurance can protect your property if it is damaged or destroyed.

An umbrella insurance policy can provide coverage in excess of other types of policies you may own. An umbrella policy may pay when other insurance coverage has been exhausted. This insurance can provide coverage for events that are not covered by other insurance policies.

Assume that a repairman working at your house slips and is injured. The repairman sues to pay for medical bills and lost income. Your homeowner’s policy pays on the claim, but there is a dollar limit on the amount that will be paid. Your umbrella policy can pay the additional amount above your homeowner’s policy limit.

If you’re involved in an auto accident, a driver may sue you for medical bills and lost income. Your auto insurance may have a dollar limit on the amount paid in a legal action. The remainder of the balance may be paid through an umbrella policy.

Putting In Life Insurance

Life insurance proceeds can be invested to provide an income for your family. You may also consider a disability insurance policy. If you become disabled, this policy can replace income you are no longer earning.

As you can see, there are a variety of insurance policies that you might consider for yourself and your family. Here’s a summary:

As life changes, your insurance needs also change. Fusco & Orsini can apply their years of insurance experience to your changing insurance needs.

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