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Your team is your company’s biggest asset - and you want to protect and care for them! Sometimes, you might feel limited in the support you can provide. You may run a smaller company that wishes they could hire a full-time human resources manager. Or, you could be an established business that wants to increase its personnel. No matter the case, we have options for you to expand your HR capabilities.

Why is a solid HR strategy and support crucial to your success?

First, health and safety in your workplace are crucial to company success. A primary HR responsibility is training and development for your employees. Particularly in risky professions, safety plans, and training can reduce accidents and help promote employees to foster a culture of safety in the workplace. Training also can be implemented to prevent harassment and bias in the workplace and ensure all employees feel safe and cared for.

Second, HR goes hand in hand with compliance. You have regulations and deadlines to ensure your company meets employment standards in your country, state, or city. Deadlines come and go quickly, and you don’t want to risk being out of compliance, so using HR resources can help protect your business from legal penalties or issues.

Lastly, an effective strategy for managing your employees and establishing processes can improve the productivity of your workforce. Employees who receive proper training and understand company processes will be far more effective. Clear communication with your team will go a long way as you grow and scale your business.

Check out all of our HR offerings below to see where you can grow your business:

  • Concierge Enrollment Service: Tracking open enrollment, new hires, and qualifying events can be burdensome. Our concierge enrollment service offers a team of enrollment counselors to guide employees to elevate their enrollment experience. Multiple languages can be accommodated.
  • HR Advisory Services: With a dedicated HR Account Manager, you’re never alone in what can be a confusing and daunting area of your business. You need a trusted source to keep your business and your employees protected. With no limits to the number of calls and emails, the HR Account Manager service offers live support and is your trusted source for information and guidance.
  • COBRA Administration: Our preferred vendor partners step in and manage your COBRA administration.
  • Payroll and Time Management Services: We help you gain preferred pricing with our payroll and time management vendor lineup. You will also benefit from our focus on technology as we work to integrate your solutions to maximize efficiency and processes.
  • Employee Handbook: Our done-for-you employee handbook builder will save you money and hassle but will ensure up-to-date compliance in this critical HR document.

Get started with any of these services today by filling out the form below! We can’t wait to help support your employees and grow your HR capabilities.

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