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TB41 – Chase Birky, CPA is Disrupting the Accounting Industry. He Joins Team Business to Explain!

June 21, 2022

If you think the public accounting is too large to disrupt, think again. Chase Birky finds that the accounting space is ripe for disruption with an aging workforce, an archaic structure, and general resistance to new technologies. And he’s making it happen. Chase Birky joins Mike Fusco in this episode of the Team Business podcast to talk about his firm, Dark Horse CPAs, and how they’re helping CPAs grow and manage their businesses. Dark Horse CPAs will successfully disrupt the accounting space with Chase in the lead. Thank you again for listening! Episode Highlights:  Chase describes Dark Horse CPA as…

TB40 – Pro-Cal Provides The Light, So Their Team Can Shine. A Session With Brian Morales

June 14, 2022

“We Provide The Light, So You Can Shine.” Pro-Cal Lightning, Inc. is an electrical contracting firm in San Diego County. Since we first spoke to Brian Morales at the onset of the COVID pandemic, a lot has changed in the business world, including with his firm. Listen in to learn about Pro-Cal Lightning‘s slogan, “We Provide The Light, So You Can Shine.” Brian provides excellent insight into the ever-changing labor market and economy and where his focus lies when building his team for success. Thank you for listening! Episode Highlights: Brian explains that Pro-Cal is an electrical contracting company at…

TB39 – Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC) Plans with Tommy Gaffney

June 7, 2022

Tommy Gaffney has served in the benefits industry for several years. His knowledge and passion for the industry led to his current role as Vice President of National Sales at Evolved Benefits. Tommy joins this episode of the Team Business podcast to speak about the employee benefits marketplace. He educates our audience on Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC) plans and the value they add to employees and employers across the nation. Listen in for a fun and informative episode with Tommy Gaffney!  Episode Highlights: Tommy explains what Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC) is and what they are doing at Evolved Benefits to…

TB38 – Dan Kolosowski on ERC (Employee Retention Credit)

May 17, 2022

Dan Kolosowski serves as Regional Vice President of 401(k) Markets for Transamerica.  In this episode of the Team Business podcast, Dan joins the show to speak about ERC (Employee Retention Credit) and provides valuable information that all employers should understand. Episode Highlights: Dan discusses how CalSavers has led to a flood of new business to Transamerica. (2:02) Dan explains the importance of having a top down approach in encouraging employees to save for retirement. (5:27) Dan mentions that he just published a news article on some of the top retirement articles. (6:46) Dan discusses the differences between doing CalSavers versus…

TB37 – Talent Acquisition, Staffing, and More with Julie Brown

April 12, 2022

Julie Brown is an experienced business owner of 27 years and serves as a strategic talent advisor to the insurance industry. Whether you’re in the insurance industry or not, this is an episode you don’t want to miss. Julie provides excellent insight into the ever-changing hiring, recruiting, and talent acquisition landscape. How can your company evolve to meet the growing demands of the remote/hybrid workforce? Listen in to learn! Episode Highlights: Julie believes that being underpaid is not the primary cause for individuals leaving their jobs. (4:15) Julie talks about her favorite time of day as a business owner. (5:49)…

TB36 – April Enriquez Joins Team Business to Discuss Branding, PR, and Marketing

March 22, 2022

In this episode of the Team Business podcast, host Mike Fusco interviews April Enriquez, an award-winning public relations and brand messaging expert, and WordPop Public Relations founder. April will help you clarify your message so clients can more easily discover, trust, and choose you. A 12-year PR veteran and StoryBrand Certified Guide, April teach companies how to communicate their value to the press and the public.   Episode Highlights: April explains how she drinks her coffee and why the mornings are her favorite time of day. (4:44) April talks about how the most important thing she learned was to take…

TB35 – 3 Ways You Can Improve Your Remote Work Team Culture

December 21, 2021

In this solo episode of the Team Business podcast, Mike Fusco provides three quick and easy tips to improve your company culture for remote workers. Episode Highlights: Mike reveals that some of the people they work with have had a difficult time adapting to this new hybrid, long-term remote type of work. (1:24) Mike mentions that they had people working remotely for a long time prior to the pandemic. (2:34) Mike discusses the advantages of implementing a chat or messaging system to help your team stay connected in a remote/hybrid work environment. (3:02) Mike explains why you should do something…

Transamerica’s Dan Kolosowski Joins The Insurance Haus to Explain CalSavers

November 30, 2021

Mike and Ray are thrilled to welcome Dan Kolosowski, Regional Vice President of Transamerica to The Insurance Haus podcast. Dan brings over 15 years of experience to our show and will discuss retirement planning with our audience. We hope to see you soon! Episode Highlights: Dan starts by explaining what CalSavers is. (2:47) Dan explains the shortfalls of retirement in America. (8:48) Dan provides options for retirement plans and their pros and cons. (11:29) Dan shares what he thinks about a company’s liability regarding retirement plans. (18:30) Dan talks about the employer plans and the innovative exchange that Transamerica has…

TB 34 – Kevin Snow Talks About Building Your Tech Stack for Sales Success!

November 23, 2021

In this episode of the Team Business podcast, co-hosts Mike Fusco and Ray Ramirez interview Kevin Snow, Founder and Chief Sales Strategist of Time On Target. Kevin helps businesses close more sales by better understanding their sales process and identifying how to make the process more effective and faster. If your CRM and Email Automation aren’t helping you close more sales or shorten your sales cycle, you need to listen in and connect with Kevin. Episode Highlights: Kevin shares his story and how he started his company. (4:36) Kevin talks about his insights regarding the BNI model and business networking.…

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