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TB47 – A SPECIAL Guest That You Cannot Afford to Miss!

October 18, 2022

Mike stopped everything he was doing today to welcome a SPECIAL guest to the show. An expert joins him in small business and insurance – and for those entrepreneurs, you cannot afford to miss this episode! Episode Highlights: Mike’s very special guest, daughter, Ava Fusco, introduces herself to the audience, and shares her age and grade level. (3:56)Ava informs everyone in second grade that third grade is fun and encourages them to do well in school. (4:40)Ava shares her understanding of a what a business is. (5:29)Ava discusses some of the good businesses she knows and how they operate. (7:47)Ava…

TB46 – Mark Bell Launched OB BEANS and SUR COFFEE for the GREATER GOOD

October 4, 2022

On 9/29, we celebrated National Coffee Day. Then, on 10/1, International Coffee Day. What better than to welcome Mark Bell, a coffee entrepreneur, and successful business owner, to the Team Business Podcast? Mark’s story about the beginnings of OB BEANS and SUR COFFEE is unique. From humble beginnings in his garage to world travels meeting and supporting coffee farmers, Mark speaks about his mission in supporting non-profits. This is the type of business story that I love to hear! Listen in to learn about Mark’s greater good and some interesting facts about the coffee business. And don’t forget to stop…

TB45 – Talking Entrepreneurship, Tech, and The Importance of Customer Experience with Chris Senkbile

September 20, 2022

In this episode of the Team Business podcast, Chris Senkbile joins Mike Fusco. Chris speaks about all things entrepreneurship and gives listeners great tips on overcoming challenges associated with starting a business. For those tuning in from the insurance industry, learn about how Chris’ company can help deliver a more significant customer experience to your clients! And finally, as a native Nebraskan, what does Chris think about the future of Huskers’ football? Episode Highlights: Chris shares his background and how he got started in the insurance industry. (2:06) Chris explains that his company, Ferro, represents a policyholder platform that brings…

TB44 – Rachel Robison, MBA, from Siege Technology Solutions

September 13, 2022

In this episode of the Team Business podcast, host Mike Fusco interviews Rachel Robison, the CEO, and Co-Founder of Siege Technology Solutions and SiegeAOS, an all-in-one operating system for your business! Rachel speaks about the ability to customize Siege to your unique needs and the importance of documented workflows for your business. Learn about all of this and the reasons she chose Zoho as her CRM of choice. Thanks for joining! Episode Highlights: Rachel explains that Seige Technology Solutions approach this business from an agency perspective. (2:19) Rachel mentions that one of their product features is being able to connect…

TB43 – IgnitePOST CEO Arian Radmand Joins to Discuss Creating Magic Moments for Your Brand

September 6, 2022

In this episode of the Team Business podcast, hosts Mike Fusco interviews Arian Radmand, CEO at IgnitePOST. IgnitePOST helps brands create magic moments for their customers. The firm’s real pen and ink handwritten notes cut through the digital noise to surprise and delight customers exactly where they are in their shopping journeys. Listen to learn how Arian Radmand has scaled his company using robots and automation. Episode Highlights: Arian discusses the two functions of IgnitePOST, which are intelligent software and a fleet of handwriting robots. (1:41) Arian discusses why they chose to launch this sort of service, which assists companies…

TB42 – The Mayor, Heath Shearon, Talks About Time Management Skills for Your Business

August 16, 2022

In this episode of the Team Business podcast, host Mike Fusco interviews Heath Shearon, known in many business circles as “The Mayor,” who is a consultant and focuses on helping businesses improve their time management. Although his firm, Agency Performance Partners, serves independent insurance agencies, the skills he speaks about during the discussion can be applied to any business in all industries. Listen to Team Business episode #42 for tips on managing email, blocking time, and eliminating distractions from the workplace. Time equals money, and all businesses need to focus on maximizing productivity through efficiency. Episode Highlights: Heath explains that…

TB41 – Chase Birky, CPA is Disrupting the Accounting Industry. He Joins Team Business to Explain!

June 21, 2022

If you think the public accounting is too large to disrupt, think again. Chase Birky finds that the accounting space is ripe for disruption with an aging workforce, an archaic structure, and general resistance to new technologies. And he’s making it happen. Chase Birky joins Mike Fusco in this episode of the Team Business podcast to talk about his firm, Dark Horse CPAs, and how they’re helping CPAs grow and manage their businesses. Dark Horse CPAs will successfully disrupt the accounting space with Chase in the lead. Thank you again for listening! Episode Highlights:  Chase describes Dark Horse CPA as…

TB40 – Pro-Cal Provides The Light, So Their Team Can Shine. A Session With Brian Morales

June 14, 2022

“We Provide The Light, So You Can Shine.” Pro-Cal Lightning, Inc. is an electrical contracting firm in San Diego County. Since we first spoke to Brian Morales at the onset of the COVID pandemic, a lot has changed in the business world, including with his firm. Listen in to learn about Pro-Cal Lightning‘s slogan, “We Provide The Light, So You Can Shine.” Brian provides excellent insight into the ever-changing labor market and economy and where his focus lies when building his team for success. Thank you for listening! Episode Highlights: Brian explains that Pro-Cal is an electrical contracting company at…

TB39 – Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC) Plans with Tommy Gaffney

June 7, 2022

Tommy Gaffney has served in the benefits industry for several years. His knowledge and passion for the industry led to his current role as Vice President of National Sales at Evolved Benefits. Tommy joins this episode of the Team Business podcast to speak about the employee benefits marketplace. He educates our audience on Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC) plans and the value they add to employees and employers across the nation. Listen in for a fun and informative episode with Tommy Gaffney!  Episode Highlights: Tommy explains what Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC) is and what they are doing at Evolved Benefits to…

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