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Beau Bechelli of Evolve MGA Joins Us to Speak About Cyber Insurance!

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Ladies and gentlemen, please do not miss this podcast episode.

With businesses facing the increased threat of cyber-attacks, Mike Fusco welcomes Beau Bechelli to The Insurance Haus. Beau is a production underwriter with Evolve MGA, Advisen’s® 2020 Cyber MGA of the year! Join us to learn about the current state of the cyber market, hacking trends, the types of businesses that should be most concerned with cyber risk, and best practices to reduce cyber risk.


Episode Highlights:

  • Beau shares his background. (3:41)
  • Beau explains what makes Evolve MGA unique from the other competitors. (5:46)
  • Beau mentions the two pillars that every business should look at, aside from coverage. (6:35)
  • What is the current state of the cyber market? (11:10)
  • Beau gives his thoughts about ransomware. (14:00)
  • How many businesses does Evolve MGA insure? (20:07)
  • Beau explains where cyber attacks usually happen. (21:36)
  • Beau explains why employee awareness and training are significant in reducing cyber risk. (26:20)
  • Beau shares the importance of utilizing a password manager. (28:32)
  • What does Beau think is the number one cyber threat to businesses today? (32:04)


Key Quotes:

  • “Our whole focus is to provide our clients with a very comprehensive cyber insurance program that is going to actually protect them.” – Beau Bechelli
  • “Cyber is definitely a very interesting space because we’re seeing these attacks change every six to twelve months, where hackers are finding new ways to either steal funds, illegally acquire funds, or steal data from companies.” – Beau Bechelli
  • “Technology is never going to be 100% effective. And so, that’s where having a cyber policy will really be that last line of defense and will help protect the business if they still get hit, even though they invest in state of the art security.” – Beau Bechelli


Resources Mentioned:

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