Insurance Haus: Health Insurance Options with Choice Administrators

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In our latest episode of The Insurance Haus, Mike Fusco and Ray Ramirez welcome special guest Michael Payton, senior vice president of sales and account management at Choice Administrators, the nation’s leading developer and administrator of private health insurance exchanges.

If you’re asking yourself, ‘what is a private health insurance exchange?’, we’ve got you covered!

Choice Administrators’ private health insurance exchange offers a unique way of accessing health insurance – the employer sets the budget and the employees pick the plan. Let’s dive in.

  1. What makes Choice Administrators different?

It’s a private exchange. When you’re working directly with a medical carrier, you as the employer face the burden of choosing a plan that works for everyone. Choice lets you set a budget – then offer a range of healthcare options to your employees that fall within that budget.

  1. What carriers do they work with?

When you work with Choice, you have access to Sharp, Kaiser, Anthem BlueCross, United Healthcare and Healthnet (SD), and for those in LA County, Oscar Health Insurance is also offered.

  1. Why are options good?

People want choices! As Michael shares in the video, Choice Administrators believes that the person who is making the best decision for themselves and their family is the employee. It’s nobody else’s business to know what plan works best for an individual; it’s a private matter.

  1. How does this help the employer?
  • The Choice model helps the employer fix their budget. They decide what they want to contribute; the insurance carrier does not decide.
  • It allows you, as the employer, to offer a broad selection of plans instead of feeling pressure to choose a single best plan for everyone.

Michael says it best, “Most people don’t ultimately really care what color their ID card is. They want to know what physician is in their network…and if the facility is available.”

If you’re ready to empower your employees by letting them decide how to access healthcare, connect with Ray! As our employee benefits broker, Ray can provide you with information about making Choice Administrators’ private health insurance exchange an option for you.

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