Transamerica’s Dan Kolosowski Joins The Insurance Haus to Explain CalSavers

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Mike and Ray are thrilled to welcome Dan Kolosowski, Regional Vice President of Transamerica to The Insurance Haus podcast. Dan brings over 15 years of experience to our show and will discuss retirement planning with our audience. We hope to see you soon!

Episode Highlights:

  • Dan starts by explaining what CalSavers is. (2:47)
  • Dan explains the shortfalls of retirement in America. (8:48)
  • Dan provides options for retirement plans and their pros and cons. (11:29)
  • Dan shares what he thinks about a company’s liability regarding retirement plans. (18:30)
  • Dan talks about the employer plans and the innovative exchange that Transamerica has created. (21:01)
  • Dan explains the shift in the marketplace towards pooled employment. (24:33)
  • Dan talks about different PEOs and their differences. (25:55)
  • Dan shares some tips on where to get started and how to get in touch with him. (30:04)


Key Quotes:

  • “I’m dealing with hundreds of people throughout the year, I haven’t seen one business owner yet that said, I want to go CalSavers. So, I think a lot of it is just education. ​​They just don’t know that there’s another option.” – Dan Kolosowski
  • “When you take a look at cost and efficiencies and kind of everything with what’s happening in this market, the market moves so fast. And if you don’t keep pace, you just end up losing.” – Dan Kolosowski
  • “If a company out there has an existing plan, and they haven’t looked at the retirement plan in a while, have them reach out to you. That’s my first step.” – Dan Kolosowski


Resources Mentioned:

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