TB 27 – It Is Selfish To Put Your Family or Employees First.

Success-driven visionaries don’t want their goals to be held back by physical and emotional limitations. They want to strive for and achieve their biggest stretch goals. In this episode of the Team Business podcast, hosts Mike Fusco and Ray Ramirez welcome James Williams, CHPC™ of The Growth Edge. Since 2016, James has been a Certified High-Performance Coach, and worked with hundreds of driven entrepreneurs to become who they need to be to succeed in their business and life goals.

Episode Highlights:

  • James shares what leadership and ‘team performance expert’ means. (1:27)
  • James explains what the CHPC after his name means. (3:19)
  • James gives the five key pillars of a high performer. (4:38)
  • James shares his background with the listeners. (6:16)
  • James mentions the difference between being an entrepreneur, a business owner, and a person working for a company. (10:42)
  • James explains what The Growth Edge is all about. (11:43)
  • James gives his thoughts about the saying, ‘Putting others first and not paying attention to yourself is selfish.’ (14:03)
  • James shares the concept he wanted to create for business owners. (17:40)
  • What can people do to show up and consistently deliver at a higher level? (20:58)
  • James explains what business owners are thinking about. (25:33)

Key Quotes:

  • “The leader in a company has an influential role across the entire company, and I think there are a lot of companies big or small, who have forgotten what that word means… leadership. It’s not a dictatorship, it’s not my way or the highway. It’s a collaborative, influential position, and inspiring position.” – James Williams, CHPC
  • “There’s that point where you want to turn around, you want to give up, but, you also know that’s like an edge, it’s a growth edge. You get the opportunity at that edge to turn back, and say, I gave it a go, but, I don’t want this enough. Or, you go over the edge and you just give it everything because the dominant force is your purpose, your goal, to get to that destination.” – James Williams, CHPC
  • “What people fail to recognize is that the only reason you don’t have time is you’re working inefficiently, because you’re not giving quality output, right? Being a high performer is that you get to work less, achieve more, and be happier, and have more energy, and not be stressed.” – James Williams, CHPC

Resources Mentioned:

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