TB 34 – Kevin Snow Talks About Building Your Tech Stack for Sales Success!

In this episode of the Team Business podcast, co-hosts Mike Fusco and Ray Ramirez interview Kevin Snow, Founder and Chief Sales Strategist of Time On Target. Kevin helps businesses close more sales by better understanding their sales process and identifying how to make the process more effective and faster.

If your CRM and Email Automation aren’t helping you close more sales or shorten your sales cycle, you need to listen in and connect with Kevin.

Episode Highlights:

  • Kevin shares his story and how he started his company. (4:36)
  • Kevin talks about his insights regarding the BNI model and business networking. (8:59)
  • Kevin talks about the reason behind his passion to start his career. (12:00)
  • Mike asks Kevin what his advice would be to people who are always switching to the newest technology. (14:55)
  • Kevin shares his favorite CRM platforms. (16:25)
  • Kevin talks about the industries that he is currently focusing on. (18:22)
  • Kevin explains where he thinks the future of communication is going. (19:53)
  • Kevin talks about the services that he is able to deliver to his clients. (25:09)
  • Kevin shares his thoughts on the development of chatbots. (27:55)
  • Kevin answers the question of what his ideal customer looks like. (32:13)


Key Quotes:

  • “I want my marketing automation, my process tool, to be really good at automating processes. Give me cool tools to keep those workflows going.” – Kevin Snow
  • “My ideal client is a business owner that is working 80 hours a week, and needs to figure out how to start offloading stuff.” – Kevin Snow
  • “Start small, just get one thing, you know, a lot of business owners will go and they’ll have these grandiose visions of what they’re going to do.”  – Kevin Snow


Resources Mentioned:

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