TB46 – Mark Bell Launched OB BEANS and SUR COFFEE for the GREATER GOOD

On 9/29, we celebrated National Coffee Day. Then, on 10/1, International Coffee Day. What better than to welcome Mark Bell, a coffee entrepreneur, and successful business owner, to the Team Business Podcast?

Mark’s story about the beginnings of OB BEANS and SUR COFFEE is unique. From humble beginnings in his garage to world travels meeting and supporting coffee farmers, Mark speaks about his mission in supporting non-profits. This is the type of business story that I love to hear!

Listen in to learn about Mark’s greater good and some interesting facts about the coffee business. And don’t forget to stop into one of Mark’s OB BEANS of SUR COFFEE locations in Ocean Beach, Linda Vista, San Clemente, or Huntington Beach!

Episode Highlights:

  • Mark discusses how he started his coffee business and how they have grown SUR COFFEE and OB Beans to where they are today. (2:25)
  • Mark mentions that their primary goal is to focus on their product and mission, which is to produce as much good as possible. (7:29)
  • Mark explains that their main target is to know all of their farmers and visit the fields of all the coffees they use, and they are working their way around the world to accomplish it. (10:06)
  • Mark discusses their vision of becoming the premier coastal coffee in Southern California and trying to enter that market with quality coffee sourced directly from growers and perfectly roasted for individuals living the coastal lifestyle. (16:03)
  • Mark mentions that one of the wonderful things about what OB Beans does is that they work directly with the growers, allowing them to control the pricing. (17:06)
  • Mark discusses their objectives to build and grow their coffee wholesale business. (20:56)
  • Mark shares his recommendations for customers who are buying coffee for the first time. (21:55)
  • Mark encourages listeners to check out the Sur Coffee website, where customers can see a list of many nonprofit organizations that OB Beans sponsors. (22:52)

Key Quotes:

  • “Coffee is one of the only products take a global community to grow, produce, and serve. It’s a really unique and cool product.” Mark Bell
  • “We’re slowly working our way around the world, sourcing coffee from these countries and building relationships with farmers, because we want to support them. Make that relationship connection…But our goal is eventually to know all of our farmers and to get on the farms of all the coffee that we use.” – Mark Bell
  • “Our vision is to be the premier coastal coffee in Southern California. So that’s our goal, is to try to step into that space and have quality coffee that comes directly from farmers that’s expertly roasted, for those living that coastal lifestyle.” – Mark Bell

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