TB1 – Team Business Welcomes Dylan Mathias for First Response Solar

Team Business podcast has officially launched! Team Business uncovers the everyday entrepreneurs why, how, and the road to now. Join us to learn how game-changing founders act on their vision and build a team for success!

In the first episode of the Team Business podcast, co-hosts Mike Fusco and Ray Ramirez interview Dylan Mathias, owner, and CFO of First Response Solar. Dylan shares his background story, how he got into the solar industry, and what drives him to be successful.

Key Quotes:

  • “I think sports is a great teaching tool, especially for youngsters, it basically teaches camaraderie, teamwork, discipline, focus, and consistency. And those are all traits that anyone needs in order to succeed in business.” – Ray Ramirez (3:47)
  • “I’ve always had financial goals…a lot of things are very goal-oriented in a financial mindset.” – Dylan Mathias (9:56)
  • “You can train everything else, but you can’t really train who someone is and how they’re going to be at a company.” – Dylan Mathias (12:01)
  • “The greatest scare is also the greatest opportunity our company has this year.” – Dylan Mathias (13:17)
  • “I have a good balance between a work-life balance.” – Dylan Mathias (13:54)
  • “A lot of business owners are focused too much on the size of their business, rather than the bottom line…it’s all about the margins, right? The profit margins. You can’t get to the same profitability or scale the business to the same profitability by just adding people, or just taking on more jobs.” (14:38)
  • “The biggest project that we’ve done this year was a 102 panel installation.” – Dylan Mathias (20:15)
  • “I am career-oriented, motivated, and have a long term outlook on life.” – Dylan Mathias (24:05)
  • “Back when I played sports, I wasn’t the biggest guy out there. I wasn’t the strongest guy out there. I wasn’t the most athletic guy out there. But I think the one thing I did have going for me was, I was probably the hardest worker out there.” – Dylan Mathias  (26:23)

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