TB10 – Team Business is Joined by COO Michelle Flores-Gonzales

In today’s episode of the Team Business podcast, co-hosts Mike Fusco and Ray Ramirez interview Michelle Flores-Gonzales, COO & VP at Flores Financial Services. Michelle talks about the financial services that they offer, the dynamics of working in a family business, and the importance of their company culture.

Episode Highlights:

  • Mike introduces Michelle Flores-Gonzales. (7:53)
  • Michelle mentions that Flores Financial Services is a family business, and she has been working there since 2002 when her father acquired and took over the company. (8:24)
  • Michelle shares that they’re an outsourcing company that specializes in accounting, bookkeeping, payroll, human resources, and they recently added consulting services to their business portfolio. (8:34)
  • Michelle mentions that they have a high focus on the hospitality industry. Therefore, most of their clients are the restaurant business with a high focus in the San Diego markets, and grocery stores as well. (8:46)
  • Michelle shares that what kept her to continue working in the company was her passion to continue the family business and build upon what her father has started, and also the entrepreneurial side of it. (10:43)
  • Michelle shares that over the past few years, she tried to hire team members that would fit in their core culture, have a passion and drive to partner with their clients, and to be a valuable part of their team members. (12:11)
  • Michelle thinks that they have a passionate investment in the services that they offer to their clients, and making sure that they’re doing a good job. (12:29)
  • Michelle mentions that finding the dynamic with her father and making sure its balance, is something that they’re working on. (13:10)
  • Michelle mentions that their main focus was on finding the resources that were available to help their clients. (14:30)
  • Michelle mentions that this year, they focused on and pivoted to consulting services. (15:10)
  • Michelle shares that they developed the HR COVID handbooks to help employers get back to business, and ensure their employee’s safety in the workplace. (16:11)
  • Michelle mentions that today is a great time for new clients to reach out. Because it’s time to start preparing, advising, and planning for the next year. (25:03)

Key Quotes:

  • “We have a core focus, we are a family business. But no matter how big we grow, we don’t want to go to that corporate mentality. So we try and treat all of our employees as family members, that’s one of our core values.” – Michelle Flores-Gonzales
  • “So, just making sure that we’re available and letting our clients know that we’re there to support them, and get through this with each other. So, that was the big portion of our services.” – Michelle Flores-Gonzales
  • “I’m in this, and I enjoy the entrepreneurial side of it, as hard as it is. There’s also something very rewarding, and you guys know this as well, of owning your own business and being part of something and being able to provide for team members.” – Michelle Flores-Gonzales

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