TB17 – Data is Everything, And Andrea Yoder Clark is a Data Scientist. She Joins as CEO of Predictive Portfolios

In this episode of the Team Business podcast, co-hosts Mike Fusco and Ray Ramirez interview Andrea Yoder Clark, CEO of Predictive Portfolios. Mike and Ray speak to Andrea about her path to becoming a data scientist. They discuss her new firm, her clients, and the creation of her team.

Episode Highlights:

  • Andrea shares her background. (5:28)
  • Andrea shares what their typical client profile looks like. (7:03)
  • Does Andrea utilize her own tools to analyze other company’s data? (8:13)
  • What inspired Andrea to start her own business? (9:44)
  • Andrea shares the challenges she had when she started her firm. (11:07)
  • Does Andrea think that biotech is a natural fit? (12:02)
  • Andrea shares the innovations and workflows she changed during the pandemic. (14:11)
  • Andrea describes her workflow at Predictive Portfolio. (19:31)
  • How does Andrea keep her new hires complete? (21:13)
  • Andrea shares the technology she implemented when the pandemic happened. (23:15)


Key Quotes:

  • “I felt like I could add more value if I was on my own, getting to work with more companies. I also just get bored a little easier. So, it’s more fun for me to have different projects happening ongoing, versus kind of working on the same thing all the time.” – Andrea Yoder Clark
  • “I actually got to apply what I was learning into the world in a way that was really making a difference. And, that to me, was super powerful to be able to see the impact of how these skills could be used to generate interest in a company, and/or impact in a community if I’m working with a nonprofit.” – Andrea Yoder Clark
  • “What I did as the CEO, was really make an effort to be understanding and compassionate with all my employees. Now, we all have life interfering in a way that we had to separate a little bit differently in the past.” – Andrea Yoder Clark


Resources Mentioned:

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