TB20 – Team Business Welcomes E-Commerce Entrepreneur, Matthew Parvis!

In this episode of the Team Business podcast, co-hosts Mike Fusco and Ray Ramirez interview Matthew Parvis, Co-Founder, and CEO of Fresh Clean Tees. Mike and Ray urge their listeners to enjoy this episode with Matthew as he drops major knowledge on us as a successful entrepreneur. If you want tips on running a business with your spouse, on what it takes to win online sales, and on never quitting when facing challenges, you must spend the next 30 minutes listening in.

Episode Highlights:

  • Matthew shares his background and how Fresh Clean Tees started. (2:21)
  • Matthew shares the products they have in the business. (7:36)
  • Does Matthew’s company have a 100% e-commerce business? (9:24)
  • Matthew shares the challenges they faced during the first year of their business. (10:52)
  • Matthew explains how he was able to build a team within his company. (14:46)
  • Matthew mentions the two key components in building a team. (16:12)
  • How did the pandemic affect Matthew’s business? (18:52)
  • Matthew shares their upcoming plans for Fresh Clean Tees. (22:29)


Key Quotes:

  • “I’m just so fortunate to not only have been working on something that I love to work on, but to be working on it with my wife. We can kind of share that side, our business side, and the personal side… which does get a little complicated from time to time, I’m not gonna lie. At the same time, it’s something that we’re both very, very proud of, and I think that our relationship as a couple has really been the catalyst for a lot of our success.” – Matthew Parvis
  • “Things sometimes don’t always work out long term, and that’s okay. Because, it probably was the right decision when we made that decision a year and a half ago, when the business was a certain size. And, now the business is a different size and has different needs. And so, I do think it’s really, really imperative to always be flexible and kind of look at those issues as positives versus negatives.” – Matthew Parvis
  • “I think you can have someone that is like, extremely skilled, but if they don’t have a lot of will to get better or to learn, they’re going to be stuck in a spot where they’re like, okay, you’re good at your job but, you might not be the perfect fit for our brand.” – Matthew Parvis


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