TB21 – Dr. Charles Joins Team Business to Speak About Mission, Vision, and Life Purpose

In this episode of the Team Business podcast, co-hosts Mike Fusco and Ray Ramirez welcome Dr. Charles Redd, D. Min to the show. Dr. Charles is a Fortune 500 executive, life coach, professor, speaker, mentor, and transformational leader. He has over 30 years of experience in his field and brings a wealth of knowledge to our audience.

Episode Highlights:

  • Dr. Charles shares his career background. (8:50)
  • Dr. Charles mentions his book entitled, Don’t Stop Now. (9:20)
  • What type of clients does Dr. Charles serve? (10:36)
  • What molded Dr. Charles to get to the career path he’s currently in? (12:31)
  • Dr. Charles shares his podcast called, Dr. Charles Speaks. (16:06)
  • Dr. Charles shares the challenges he faced in setting up his company. (19:41)
  • Dr. Charles mentions one of the valuable lessons he learned. (20:50)
  • Dr. Charles explains the acronym called MVP. (22:48)

Key Quotes:

  • “What I’m really passionate about is life coaching and mentoring. The life coach piece…It really is a focus on helping people really uncover their purpose for life and their passion. We all have something of value to offer.” – Dr. Charles Redd, D.Min
  • “I served as an adjunct professor, as well as teaching business subjects, teaching salesmanship…And so, teaching is my heart. And so, I have this tendency of wanting to give back and help grow. And, that’s really the essence of what I’ve been doing my whole career.” – Dr. Charles Redd, D.Min
  • “I believe in everybody’s life, we should always be looking up to somebody that has more insight, is smarter, more experienced than us. And, then someone who’s on a more horizontal plane that can help encourage us and work with us along the side.” – Dr. Charles Redd, D.Min

Resources Mentioned:

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