TB33 – Mike & Ray Discuss THE GREAT RESHUFFLE

In this episode of the Team Business podcast, co-hosts Mike Fusco and Ray Ramirez discuss the growing trend known as “THE GREAT RESHUFFLE,” which is the movement of employees and laborers to new employers. How does a business owner combat this and keep their key people? Listen in for tips!

Episode Highlights:

  • Mike and Ray share their experience over the weekend. (0:41)
  • Mike and Ray talk about the struggles that clients are dealing with now as employees and laborers move to new employers. (1:30)
  • Mike talks about working conditions and how they are changing. (3:04)
  • Ray talks about a hybrid work environment. (4:42)
  • Mike talks about Key Performance Indicator (KPI’s). (8:16)
  • Mike shares more about Team Business. (12:58)
  • Mike shares the advantage of using LinkedIn to attract new employees. (14:26)


Key Quotes:

  • “What we did is I kind of played a reactive role and realized that, hey, we have to give people the option and the opportunity to work where they want to work.” – Mike Fusco
  • “I mean, speaking for myself, as a consultant, and what I do, I’ve been doing this for a little while, it’s like, I guess that I like that little old school method of being in the office, getting up in the morning, getting ready to be somewhere.” – Ray Ramirez


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