TB35 – 3 Ways You Can Improve Your Remote Work Team Culture

In this solo episode of the Team Business podcast, Mike Fusco provides three quick and easy tips to improve your company culture for remote workers.

Episode Highlights:

  • Mike reveals that some of the people they work with have had a difficult time adapting to this new hybrid, long-term remote type of work. (1:24)
  • Mike mentions that they had people working remotely for a long time prior to the pandemic. (2:34)
  • Mike discusses the advantages of implementing a chat or messaging system to help your team stay connected in a remote/hybrid work environment. (3:02)
  • Mike explains why you should do something fun, do something out of the box with your team. (4:45)
  • Mike mentions that it is also important to hold some get-togethers outside of work. (5:34)

Key Quotes:

  • “How do you continue your company culture, your working culture, your camaraderie in the office, your teamwork, you know, getting to know people when you know, maybe half or a third, or maybe nobody is in the same office environment working together on a day to day basis?” – Mike Fusco
  • “Have regular meetings. It helps people feel like they’re still connected. It helps those that are not in the office, see people that are in the office or vice versa.” – Mike Fusco
  • “Hold some get togethers outside of work, of course if safe for you and comfortable for everybody, for team bonding or team building experiences, even if it’s once a quarter, twice a year, or maybe even now during the holidays, something where everyone can get together and feel part of the team.” – Mike Fusco

Resources Mentioned:

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