TB36 – April Enriquez Joins Team Business to Discuss Branding, PR, and Marketing

In this episode of the Team Business podcast, host Mike Fusco interviews April Enriquez, an award-winning public relations and brand messaging expert, and WordPop Public Relations founder. April will help you clarify your message so clients can more easily discover, trust, and choose you. A 12-year PR veteran and StoryBrand Certified Guide, April teach companies how to communicate their value to the press and the public.


Episode Highlights:

  • April explains how she drinks her coffee and why the mornings are her favorite time of day. (4:44)
  • April talks about how the most important thing she learned was to take the time to readjust now and again. (5:26)
  • April shares that she has always been an entrepreneur. (7:05)
  • April elaborates on her background and how she started in the public relations field. (9:17)
  • April shares a few things she cannot live without. (10:55)
  • April explains that her main responsibility in public relations is to connect the business with its target audience. (13:00)
  • April discusses how working with technology instead of against it is one of the challenges that her industry will be facing in a couple of years. (14:31)
  • April believes that helping your team to unveil their innate strengths, and plugging those strengths into the company is what makes a great leader. (17:53)
  • April shares that she has currently migrated to Google Drive for most of the tasks she is doing. (24:35)
  • April shares her appreciation for the way her daughter is at this stage in her life. (27:27)


Key Quotes:

  • “I think that we started our companies with a clear vision, and we’re in alignment with what we want to build, and we’re in alignment with ourselves, and then you can get into this cycle of grinding it out.” – April Enriquez
  • “I think we should work with technology and not against it. There’s the human touch, which is undeniable, and so I think there’s always going to be space for both.” – April Enriquez
  • “There was a point where people wanted to get flowery and creative with messaging, which is okay, but so much so that you lose the audience.” – April Enriquez


Resources Mentioned:

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