TB37 – Talent Acquisition, Staffing, and More with Julie Brown

Julie Brown is an experienced business owner of 27 years and serves as a strategic talent advisor to the insurance industry. Whether you’re in the insurance industry or not, this is an episode you don’t want to miss.

Julie provides excellent insight into the ever-changing hiring, recruiting, and talent acquisition landscape. How can your company evolve to meet the growing demands of the remote/hybrid workforce? Listen in to learn!

Episode Highlights:

  • Julie believes that being underpaid is not the primary cause for individuals leaving their jobs. (4:15)
  • Julie talks about her favorite time of day as a business owner. (5:49)
  • Julie mentions that the best part of her company is her team. (8:29)
  • Julie shares the best business advice she’s ever received. (10:21)
  • Julie discusses what she believes to be the most common misperception regarding the insurance sector. (14:00)
  • Julie explains the process involved in her recruitment. (22:19)
  • Julie gives an explanation of what it takes to be an effective leader. (24:05)
  • Julie mentions that she is now reading the book: Good to Great, which she finds to be quite inspiring. (27:32)
  • Julie discusses her thoughts on the book Crucial Conversation and what she has learned from it. (27:55)
  • Julie points out that they really publish pay information, which is very essential for people to be aware of. (30:58)

Key Quotes:

  • “Everybody gets a piece of the business, everybody gets a share in the rewards. And so I definitely think my team is a huge, huge factor for this company.” – Julie Brown
  • “I just hope people start feeling more comfortable and that people are willing to, maybe, as far as candidates are concerned, be a little more open to the hybrid role, a lot of clients really want to kind of push towards that.” – Julie Brown
  • “We’re doing ourselves a disservice by not being creative and or training and looking at, you know, bringing people up the up ladder, because that’s going to be, if you’re going to ask me, what the next challenge is.” – Julie Brown

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