TB39 – Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC) Plans with Tommy Gaffney

Tommy Gaffney has served in the benefits industry for several years. His knowledge and passion for the industry led to his current role as Vice President of National Sales at Evolved Benefits.

Tommy joins this episode of the Team Business podcast to speak about the employee benefits marketplace. He educates our audience on Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC) plans and the value they add to employees and employers across the nation.

Listen in for a fun and informative episode with Tommy Gaffney! 

Episode Highlights:

  • Tommy explains what Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC) is and what they are doing at Evolved Benefits to bring value and help employers meet that requirement. (02:05)
  • Tommy believes that the focus should always be on the end-user, the employee experience. (5:32)
  • Tommy shares that 4:00 AM is his favorite time of the day. (7:16)
  • Tommy mentions LinkedIn as a platform that should never leave you stating, “I don’t have any leads.” (9:19)
  • Tommy mentions that in their niche, they work with industries that employ hundreds of people, such as staffing, cannabis, trucking, home, health care, assisted living, and janitorial companies. (14:38)
  • Tommy explains that their products are very lucrative which is a wonderful strategy to boost your agency’s revenue. (15:15)
  • Tommy goes over the Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC) plans in greater detail. (16:54)
  • Tommy suggests that everybody who has opted out of the major medical plan be given the opportunity to review the Evolved Benefits plan. (22:18)
  • Tommy explains that one of the most common misconceptions about their sector is that MEC plans are a fraud, as well as the commission. (25:27)
  • Tommy expresses his excitement at the numerous opportunities he has to be of maximum usefulness to people. (30:46)
  • Tommy discusses his favorite sport and the team he supports. (36:19)

Key Quotes:

  • “The more successful we can be, the more resources we can bring on and reinvest and bring them back out and add even more value to our current clients and bring more value to our new clients that we’re looking to win.” – Tommy Gaffney
  • “Our products are very lucrative. And it’s a great way to increase your agency revenue.” – Tommy Gaffney
  • “I think fear is generated from lack of preparation. And I’ll tell you, there is such thing as luck and luck happens when you have preparation met with opportunity.” – Tommy Gaffney

Resources Mentioned:  

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