TB40 – Pro-Cal Provides The Light, So Their Team Can Shine. A Session With Brian Morales

“We Provide The Light, So You Can Shine.”

Pro-Cal Lightning, Inc. is an electrical contracting firm in San Diego County. Since we first spoke to Brian Morales at the onset of the COVID pandemic, a lot has changed in the business world, including with his firm.

Listen in to learn about Pro-Cal Lightning‘s slogan, “We Provide The Light, So You Can Shine.” Brian provides excellent insight into the ever-changing labor market and economy and where his focus lies when building his team for success.

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Episode Highlights:

  • Brian explains that Pro-Cal is an electrical contracting company at heart and have grown in the industry, taking on EB charging stations and system integrations. (1:24)
  • Brian explains how the slogan “We Provide The Light, So You Can Shine.” was created and what it means to them. (3:55)
  • Brian shares how the pandemic, although difficult, led them to find good talent and was a reminder of how we should be treating our employees all of the time. (6:00)
  • Brian explains why he hopes the “great resignation” is followed by the “great realization” of employees realizing that moving to bigger companies may not have been the right decision for them. (8:00)
  • Brian mentions that his favorite time of day was the end of his workday and when their team gets a win. (10:00)
  • Brian discusses the significance of knowing your end goal and the importance of failure. (15:41)
  • Brian believes that they will be the fastest-growing EV charging company in California over the next two or three years. (20:30)
  • Brian discusses his involvement in the National Electrical Contractors Association and the National Small Business Association. (23:03)
  • Brian and Mike share their NBA finals predictions. (26:03)

Key Quotes:

  • “A big part of our success has been just in being able to pivot and adapt.” – Brian Morales
  • “We’re probably going to be the fastest-growing EV charging company in California over the next two or three years, just because of the contacts we’re starting to make and the contracts that we’re gaining.” – Brian Morales
  • “It’s only through failure that you could actually become dominant in your market, you could actually become a great company.” – Brian Morales

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