TB41 – Chase Birky, CPA is Disrupting the Accounting Industry. He Joins Team Business to Explain!

If you think the public accounting is too large to disrupt, think again. Chase Birky finds that the accounting space is ripe for disruption with an aging workforce, an archaic structure, and general resistance to new technologies. And he’s making it happen.

Chase Birky joins Mike Fusco in this episode of the Team Business podcast to talk about his firm, Dark Horse CPAs, and how they’re helping CPAs grow and manage their businesses. Dark Horse CPAs will successfully disrupt the accounting space with Chase in the lead.

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Episode Highlights: 

  • Chase describes Dark Horse CPA as a platform-style accounting firm (1:29)
  • Chase discusses what inspired him to start the Dark Horse CPA. (2:35)
  • Chase mentions that the accounting industry as a whole is in an interesting position because fewer people are getting accounting degrees and CPA license, and those that do have degrees are approaching retirement. (9:21)
  • Chase mentions that they have a great inbound lead funnel which has become much better over time as they’ve become more sophisticated and committed more deeply to it. (15:12)
  • Chase discusses how he has learned the most by osmosis; from mentors and people he has worked with at a higher level that have allowed him to absorb some of the greatest components of what they do. (17:00)
  • Chase believes that wisdom is not something you can’t just hear and understand, it must be experienced in order for the piece of wisdom to sink in. (18:10)
  • Chase highlights the most common misperception in leadership and entrepreneurship. (19:44)
  • According to Chase, the quality and caliber of those you lead is the mark of a good leader. (22:29)
  • Chase talks about being reactive vs. proactive as managers and leaders. (25:39)
  • Chase explains that Dark Horse CPA will soon establish a financial advisory practice because there are several overlaps between CPAs and investment advisory. (27:43)

Key Quotes:

  • “Learning by osmosis is really, I think what I have benefited most from I’ve had some really great mentors, and folks that I’ve gotten to work with at a higher level that has allowed me to, you know, kind of absorb some of the best parts of what they do, you know, almost in a subconscious way.” – Chase Birky
  • “Wisdom is something that I think is not something you can just hear and learn, you have to go through an experience for that piece of wisdom to actually settle.” – Chase Birky
  • “We had a great inbound lead funnel. And it’s gotten a lot better over time, as we’ve gotten more sophisticated and invested more deeply into that.” – Chase Birky

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