TB42 – The Mayor, Heath Shearon, Talks About Time Management Skills for Your Business

In this episode of the Team Business podcast, host Mike Fusco interviews Heath Shearon, known in many business circles as “The Mayor,” who is a consultant and focuses on helping businesses improve their time management. Although his firm, Agency Performance Partners, serves independent insurance agencies, the skills he speaks about during the discussion can be applied to any business in all industries.

Listen to Team Business episode #42 for tips on managing email, blocking time, and eliminating distractions from the workplace. Time equals money, and all businesses need to focus on maximizing productivity through efficiency.

Episode Highlights:

  • Heath explains that as long as you’re a business owner, saving time is just as good as saving money in a lot of ways. (3:52)
  • Heath shares tips on time management and how to recognize where you are spending the most time in your business. (8:18)
  • Heath advises business owners to monitor employee cell phone use. (11:24)
  • Heath discusses why HubSpot is one app that he could not function without in his business. (14:36)
  • Heath shares that there is nothing better than hard work, hustle, and grit for people starting out in a new business. (17:49)
  • Heath explains that these days, you can have great people even if they don’t have a college degree. (21:00)
  • Heath shares that he has never used his degree in Biblical studies in his current career. (23:33) 
  • Mike explains that there are certain industries of business that you can’t take your eyes off in terms of management. (25:37)
  • Heath and Mike discuss SEC football games and the teams that they are rooting for. (29:22)
  • Heath talks about Agency Performance Partners and the type of clients that they work with. (36:19)

Key Quotes:

  •  “If you’re just starting out in business, nothing, in my opinion, is better than good old hard work, hustle, and grit.” – Heath Shearon
  •  “I’m not knocking the college degree by any means, but I just think you can’t discount, you know, someone just because they don’t have one. They could have that grit and determination. You know, that could outplay the degree, in my opinion.” – Heath Shearon
  • “When I talk to people about it, as you know, they say, turn your emails off, sometimes take a break from them, and take little time blocks away to work on other things. I think emails are the biggest time suck in your business.” – Heath Shearon

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