TB45 – Talking Entrepreneurship, Tech, and The Importance of Customer Experience with Chris Senkbile

In this episode of the Team Business podcast, Chris Senkbile joins Mike Fusco. Chris speaks about all things entrepreneurship and gives listeners great tips on overcoming challenges associated with starting a business.

For those tuning in from the insurance industry, learn about how Chris’ company can help deliver a more significant customer experience to your clients!

And finally, as a native Nebraskan, what does Chris think about the future of Huskers’ football?

Episode Highlights:

  • Chris shares his background and how he got started in the insurance industry. (2:06)
  • Chris explains that his company, Ferro, represents a policyholder platform that brings the broker and the company down to their level to collaborate with them in their own environment. (7:50)
  • Chris shares every day is an opportunity to make strategic decisions. (10:08)
  • Chris advises startup companies to think about leverage dynamics and to create leverage that they can sell. (12:13)
  • Chris shares the four quadrants that can help bring value and resources to your service and operation. (16:05)
  • Chris explains that no one entity can solve the whole problem in the industry, and we need to merge technology, people, and processes to make it work. (19:25)
  • Chris shares that most of the top 100 brokerages in the country are building an AMS in the context of a CRM. (23:07)
  • Chris explains that it is important to think and worry more about your customers because they are the ones who have something to say about your process. (27:22)
  • Chris mentions that he used to play football when he was in college in Nebraska and shares his thoughts on the future of Huskers’ football. (30:10)

Key Quotes:

  • “I think challenges are endless and every day is a new challenge, right? In the startup life, like a day is like 10 years and a, you know, a business has been around for a while the challenges abound. And I think you use every day as an opportunity to just make strategic decisions.” – Chris Senkbile
  • “Everybody has to support one another in this process or good change can’t happen. And if one person or one entity tries to solve the whole problem, it’s impossible. It’s too big of an industry, there are too many problems. No one person can do it.” – Chris Senkbile
  • “If you have an idea, you don’t need to be an expert. You don’t need to have every answer solved before you start. It’s just taking that step forward and saying, ‘Hey, I’m willing to put it out on the line and start’, you’re going to learn as you go, you’re not going to have everything answered.” – Chris Senkbile

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