TB47 – A SPECIAL Guest That You Cannot Afford to Miss!

Mike stopped everything he was doing today to welcome a SPECIAL guest to the show. An expert joins him in small business and insurance – and for those entrepreneurs, you cannot afford to miss this episode!

Episode Highlights:

  • Mike’s very special guest, daughter, Ava Fusco, introduces herself to the audience, and shares her age and grade level. (3:56)
  • Ava informs everyone in second grade that third grade is fun and encourages them to do well in school. (4:40)
  • Ava shares her understanding of a what a business is. (5:29)
  • Ava discusses some of the good businesses she knows and how they operate. (7:47)
  • Ava explain what insurance means to her and how it can help people. (9:52)
  • Ava shares the advice she gave her dad after watching Mike’s latest YouTube video. (11:39)
  • Ava discusses why people who make YouTube videos should not use foul language and provides an alternative method for making videos more entertaining to watch.  (12:34)
  • Ava mentions her interest in attending the University of California, Santa Barbara for college and shares which type of business she wants to work in after graduating from college. (18:07)

Key Quotes:

  • “I’m going tp let you know everybody out there in second grade, third grade’s really fun. But you know, get those good grades, all right? Get some A pluses, people out there.” – Ava Fusco
  • “So basically, what I think a business is as a big group, they work together, and they make a great insurance.” – Ava Fusco
  • “If you are out there and you make YouTube videos, don’t cuss. No, do not cuss because all people watch YouTube. Kids… I watch YouTube. I hear cussing. And cussing is not good.” – Ava Fusco

Resources Mentioned:  

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