TB5 – Team Business Welcomes Grant Botma from Stewardship!

In this episode of the Team Business podcast, co-hosts Mike Fusco and Ray Ramirez interview Grant Botma, the Founder of Culture Course and Stewardship. Grant talks about his knowledge and expertise in the financial services industry and how to establish genuine relationships with people. He also shares their online course that helps in hiring the right people, and he also shares his book, entitled The Problem Isn’t Their Paycheck: How to Attract Top Talent and Build a Thriving Company Culture.

Episode Highlights:

  • Mike introduces Grant Botma. (3:32)
  • Grant shares that he’s been in the financial services industry for about 20 years, and they have stewardship, which includes home loans, insurance, and investments with wisdom and love. (7:33)
  • Grant mentions that he built Stewardship because of arrogance and hate. He also explains the reason behind it. (8:16)
  • Grant shares that to build a better team, humility is one of the keys. In other words, he had to recognize and figure out that he couldn’t do all the things. (10:30)
  • Grant shares that he would certainly relate the competition and goal to what they do at Stewardship, they have to compete, to genuinely put other people’s needs ahead of our own. (11:29)
  • Grant mentions that the unique part about Stewardship is what they call, a unified purpose. (12:05)
  • Grant shares that he never thought their company has done better than what they did and they have completely broken records, on every single line of business, and every single one of his producers is nationally ranked as a top performer. (14:09)
  • Grant shares that there are a lot of elements that he teaches in the Culture Course, and what he did together with his team is significant. One of the things that are more motivating to employees than money, is freedom and autonomy. (15:40)
  • Grant mentions that a lot of people wanted him to teach culture. Because the way he teaches was different and unique than what’s taught in management school. (18:07)
  • Grant discusses his book entitled The Problem Isn’t Their Paycheck: How to Attract Top Talent and Build a Thriving Company Culture. (19:35)
  • Grant shares that one of the bigger things that he would advise people when building a team is to make sure that they’re going to be a culture fit first. (23:42)
  • Grant mentions that the core of every business is serving other people. If you’re not serving other people, you don’t have the business. Therefore, if you’re selfish, you’re going against the core of what makes a business fundamental. (26:44)


Key Quotes:

  • “I wanted to create a place where people get their finances handled in the best way possible, whether they knew it or not. And in my arrogance, I thought that I had the right answers to everything, and I could fix it and I could figure it out.” – Grant Botma
  • “I had to humble myself, and I couldn’t be all things to all the people. I might have this desire to serve people in all these ways. But it takes an army to do it and to do it well.” – Grant Botma
  • “We want to win, It’s simple, It’s clear, and It’s something that you can’t do unless you do it together. The same is true of a unified purpose in a business for us, we love people through finances, It’s simple, It’s clear, it requires selflessness, and you got to do it together. And when you’re doing it together as a team, it’s a powerful thing.” – Grant Botma
  • “Our mission at Stewardship is to love people well through finances and a hashtag that kind of caught fire after people felt reviews from us, as they’ll do hashtag Stewardship love.” – Grant Botma


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