TB8 – Team Business Welcomes Ryan Sisson of Moniker Group

In today’s episode of the Team Business podcast, co-hosts Mike Fusco and Ray Ramirez interview Ryan Sisson, the CEO of Moniker Group. Ryan talks about his role in the company, and how his leadership approach in business gives an opportunity for impact.

Episode Highlights:

  • Mike introduces Ryan Sisson. (8:48)
  • Ryan mentions that he studied at San Diego State University and earned a business degree. (10:04)
  • Ryan shares that Moniker Group has been in the industry for about 10 years, and they have 7 different business units. (10:26)
  • Ryan shares that what they do is to bring people together because that’s what’s valuable and vital to them. But unfortunately, due to the pandemic, everything has been challenging. (12:36)
  • Ryan mentions that their company is run by 50 employees and they have a total of 6 physical locations, with different types of products and concepts. (13:10)
  • Ryan shares that the businesses work together when they need to, but they all have their own story. (16:36)
  • Ryan mentions that its structure as the parent company holds the key to all the back end operations. (16:55)
  • Ryan shares that he sees size as an opportunity to find ways and to grow, without him as the producer. (18:54)
  • Ryan shares that they have intentionally invested in culture with the team and care about each other’s success and well-being in life. (21:04)
  • Ryan mentions that the key elements of success are seeing individuals that are willing to stick with you, through thick and thin. (23:04)
  • Ryan mentions that they’re not a technology-driven business because most of their team requires physical interaction to function. (26:49)


Key Quotes:

  • “My job is to make sure that the people that are great at what they do have everything they need to be successful. So I compare my leadership approach to that of a bulldozer driver. I don’t make things pretty, I just get stuff out of the way.” – Ryan Sisson
  • “As a generalist, like you kind of want it, you just have this innate desire to have your hands in everything, because there’s nothing that you’re specifically passionate about enough to just be focused on that.” – Ryan Sisson
  • “There’s a realization that everyone that works for you is never going to work for you forever, is a big one, and I think what that does is it releases the pressure to make this person, the person. So, we’ve always kind of had open hands with the way that we brought people on.” – Ryan Sisson
  • “I think just not putting too much pressure on certain people to be the end all be all for your company and, championing them over the long haul to do what is it that they’re bes att, and if that’s not within your business, that’s okay.” – Ryan Sisson
  • “Look around your neighborhood and find those businesses that are trying to make it to that finish line and go and figure out what you can do for them. That would be a huge lift for us as a company as well.” – Ryan Sisson


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