The Insurance Haus Welcomes Drew Youpel, Head of Safety Success at Safesite

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In this episode of the Insurance Haus podcast, host Mike Fusco is joined by Drew Youpel, CRIS, STSC, Head of Safety Success at Safesite. Proven to reduce incidents by up to 57%, Safesite is a powerful, easy-to-use safety management solution used by over 18,000 companies of all sizes and industries. Safesite’s intuitive platform helps companies get results and demonstrate safety performance. Access the platform on any device, run your safety program digitally, save hours each week, and cut safety-related expenses by as much as 20% annually!

Episode Highlights:

  • Drew shares his background. (2:29)
  • Drew explains how strict OSHA can be. (3:49)
  • What type of things does Drew enjoy outside of his work? (5:38)
  • Drew explains what Safesite is all about. (6:40)
  • Drew shares how Safesite helps companies get better loss controls in place and improve safety. (12:21)
  • Drew shares how the pandemic has affected their company. (15:34)
  • Did Drew see growth at Safesite during the pandemic? (17:03)
  • Drew explains how Safesite could change the landscape of work comp. (19:05)
  • Can companies nationwide work with Safesite? (22:31)

Key Quotes:

  • “The first thing is, Safesite is completely tailor-made for the organization. And, that’s just changed the way employees look at using a digital application for safety software.” – Drew Youpel
  • “We provide onboarding training. We’ll go out in the field and help those organizations use the application. There’s a bunch of different ways to try to help companies utilize that tech in the field to give them a better advantage.” – Drew Youpel
  • “The larger organizations are, the harder it is to reach all the employees. By giving them that application tool, that really helps push that safety message.” – Drew Youpel

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