We Are Talking Claims on the Insurance Haus With Gwen Larkin!

In this episode of the Insurance Haus podcast, host Mike Fusco is joined by Gwendolyn Larkin, Gwendolyn has an extensive and impressive career working in the insurance industry, specifically in carrier claims departments. Gwendolyn currently serves as Enterprise Claims Technical Consulting Director and American Family Insurance.

Gwendolyn and Mike discuss the following topics surrounding insurance claims:

1 – Helpful documentation when submitting a claim

2 – Considerations when claims arise

3 – Early reporting of claims


Episode Highlights:

  • Gwen shares her background and how she started in the industry. (1:15)
  • Gwen explains the importance of providing the necessary documentation to support a claim. (3:00)
  • Gwen shares the things people should keep in mind when a claim occurs. (5:57)
  • Gwen discusses the importance of early reporting of claims and where people tend to get lost in the process. (10:42)
  • Gwen provides examples of contractor liability claims that she has seen. (15:14)
  • Gwen explains that situations may differ but that most carriers are looking to protect the insured. (19:00)
  • Gwen shares her advice that can help small business owners deal with a claim. (21:29)
  • Gwen discusses how important subcontractors are for agreements and indemnification. (23:42)
  • Gwen offers her insight into trends that people might want to look out for to protect their business. (25:10)


Key Quotes:

  • “Trying to build a rapport and relationship with the adjuster, understanding what they need, what documentation they need, and things of that nature certainly helped to go a long way, when filing a claim and getting a claim paid.” – Gwen Larkin
  • “Having the documentation and having all of that information, gathering it on the front end is 1000 times more helpful on the backend when we’re having to defend the claim.” – Gwen Larkin
  • “I think one of the key things to understand is that the claims adjuster is really there to help, right? Our job, as the insurance company, is to help the insured in their time of need.” – Gwen Larkin


Resources Mentioned:

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