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8 Red Flags to Look for if You Suspect Employee Workers’ Comp Fraud

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Welcome back, business owners!

As business owners, we understand the costs associated with workers’ compensation insurance.

We also know that work comp claims will drive up the insurance costs and erode a business’ bottom line!

You must remain aware of illegitimate workers’ compensation claims to eliminate losses and keep your costs down.

In today’s video, Mike Fusco provides eight red flags associated with employee workers’ comp fraud.


1) A newly hired employee reports the injury or illness

2) The injury of illness is reported at the beginning of a shift

3) No one witnessed the incident that caused the injury or illness even though the employee frequently works near others

4) The employee does not provide a cause for their illness or injury

5) The employee changes their account of how the illness or injury occurred

6) The employee is difficult to contact during the claims process

7) The employee switches medical providers during treatment even though the treatment regimen is effective

8) The employee has a history of disciplinary issues

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