An Introduction to the Fusco Orsini & Associates Client Portal for Businesses

At Fusco Orsini & Associates, we’re dedicated to making the complex insurance world easy for our clients. For that reason, we’re bringing you a brand new Client Portal. The Portal provides all clients with a more straightforward way to manage their insurance in one location at no additional cost. To access the portal, click here, or find the link on our homepage or the service center.

Once logged in, the Portal’s home screen will display the agency’s personnel team who can help with your policy, along with quick links and documents your FOA team uploaded for you.

Along the top of the page are different tabs, including:
FO360: Virtual Training

Our learning center engages your employees with a virtual interactive module that offers over 200 LMS courses.

FO360: Benefits Admin and Enrollment Platform

As you grow and scale, leveraging technology to administer and track your Health & Wellness program is vital. We manage your benefits account administration, support your employees, find errors on your bill, and keep up your platform.

Along the left side of the page are different tabs, including:

Your Document Center

This tab is where you can find any documents uploaded by FOAi personnel.

Certificate Request Form:

This tab directs you to the page where you can request a certificate of insurance or an additional insurer.

Download Auto ID Cards 

Available if you have an auto policy through Fusco and Orsini, this tab allows you to view your Auto ID card.

Policy Management 

Access, download, and review all of your insurance policies

And much more!

If you haven’t used your client portal, please call us at (858) 384-1506, so we can set you up and answer any questions.

Ready to Enhance Your Protection?

The Fusco Orsini & Associates team is here to make the process seamless and efficient. We are dedicated to saving you time and effort while providing comprehensive insurance solutions. We look forward to partnering with you!

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