Are We Responding to Your Requests Within 24 Business Hours?

Fusco Orsini strives to exhibit a commitment to excellence, five-star service, and reliable responsiveness to all clients. To demonstrate these virtues, we set a standard for all team members to respond to client emails, voicemails, and text messages within 24 business hours. If a member is away from work, they will set an autoreply to notify you of options to request assistance. We want to know if our team is meeting this standard. All feedback goes directly to our CEO, Mike Fusco. You may agree to remain anonymous.

You may remain anonymous. However, if you enter your contact information, Mike Fusco will reach out if you request it at the end of this survey.
Please remember that our standard is to respond to all client requests as soon as possible and within 24 business hours of the email, text, or phone call.
Which form of communication did you use to contact the member (select all that apply).(Required)
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Please remember that Mike will not know who you are unless you complete the contact information above.

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