San diego skyline with text that says what you need to know about employment practices liability insurance

What to Know: Employment Practices Liability Insurance

Considering purchasing EPLI (Employment Practices Liability Insurance)? Let’s review the history and pros and cons of the current EPLI landscape to determine if EPL insurance is right for your business. History of EPLI EPLI was originally developed in 1990, following…

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Business Liability 101: The Ultimate Guide to Insurance

If you own a business, you will likely purchase liability insurance to protect against any legally enforceable obligation. In other words, insurance that will pay or render service on your behalf for loss arising out of legal liability to others.…

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Insurance scammers who got caught

Five Unbelievable Insurance Scammers Who Were CAUGHT

Did you know that insurance fraud costs consumers $308.6 billion per year, according to the Coalition Against Fraud? Insurance providers are forced to raise their premiums, causing the cost to trickle down to innocent consumers. The average family also spends…

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