Bond Basics

Navigate the intricacies of surety, commercial, and fidelity bonds with ‘Bond Basics.’ This category is your primer on the essential types of bonds critical for businesses and individuals alike. From securing contractual obligations with surety bonds and safeguarding against commercial risks to protecting assets with fidelity bonds, our expertly crafted articles demystify each bond type. Ideal for newcomers and seasoned professionals, ‘Bond Basics’ provides the foundational knowledge and latest insights needed to leverage these financial instruments effectively.

Bonded vs. Insured – What’s the difference?

Insured and Bonded are two terms that are commonly used in business, particularly when discussing contractors or those providing professional services and their requirements. Let’s start with what it means to be insured… When you are insured you purchase coverage…

5 Steps to Prepare Your Business for Contract Bonding

If you’re a contractor bidding on public or private commercial projects, you’ll likely need to be bonded to win the contract. Contract bonding assures the project owner that you’ll complete the work according to the terms of the agreement. However,…

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