Commercial Package

Businesses require multiple kinds of insurance policies or they run the risk of having some very expensive losses. While every business is unique, there are some policies that are universal for businesses in general, like liability coverage and property insurance. This is why the commercial package was invented; combining necessary policies for similar kinds of businesses is a cost effective and efficient way to provide a necessary service.

A basic Commercial Insurance Package provides liability insurance and property insurance for qualified businesses and organizations, but they do offer policyholders options for customization. Commercial insurance packages always offer at least two types of insurance (usually liability and property, but not necessarily). In addition to liability and property coverage, they may include policies for automobiles, crime, inland marine insurance, employment practices liability, commercial umbrella liability, and many more.

Who Needs a Commercial Insurance Package? Why?

Lots of businesses and organizations can benefit from a commercial insurance package! Bar owners, for example, require both liability and property insurance. A bar could also benefit from an employment practices policy, or a commercial umbrella policy, which can also be combined into a Commercial Insurance Package.

Other food and beverage businesses also face a lot of liabilities. For many, in the case of severe damage to property, there is a chance that the restaurant or other business would have to shut down entirely, which can lead to huge losses. Adding equipment breakdown insurance could help avoid loss of income if a major appliance, like a refrigerator, stops working.

Property owners, especially those who rent property, have perhaps more to lose than other businesses. Depending on the kind of property owned, the commercial package could benefit from any number of additional policies.

Repair shops and manufacturers are responsible for building and repairing things that are used by others, which automatically makes liability an issue. Without a place and proper equipment to perform repairs and build products, these businesses would be out of business, making property insurance and equipment breakdown insurance relevant as well.

Looking for Commercial Package Insurance?

Depending on the nature of your business, different policies may fit into your commercial package insurance. However, any commercial entity can benefit from the right insurance packages. A group of policies is better than individual policies specifically because it’s typically less expensive, even if you want a basic package that includes only property insurance and liability coverage. Adding more policies to your package allows you to cover more exposures and losses without adding too much to your insurance premium. Request a free quote.

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