Employment Practices Liability Insurance

Companies face many liabilities that can have a serious financial impact on a business. You may already have insurance coverage on your firm’s vehicles, as well as insurance policies for your building and equipment. There are, however, other forms of insurance that may be important for your business.

Employment practices liability is a type of business liability. Employment practices liability (EPL) includes wrongful termination, for example. If a worker feels that their termination was based on something other than work performance, they may sue for wrongful termination.

Some employees have written employment agreements. If a worker decides that an employer violated such an agreement, they might pursue litigation. Most companies have policies and procedures in place to operate the business. An employee may feel that they were harmed, because those policies and procedures were inadequate. In that instance, they may sue their employer. All of these situations are examples of employment practices liability.

EPL also covers liabilities related to sexual harassment, discrimination and retaliation in the workplace. An employment practices liability insurance (EPLI) policy can help protect a company against employee lawsuits.

EPLI policies can cover the costs incurred to defend a company from an employee lawsuit, including legal fees charged by a law firm. The policy can cover independent contractors and volunteers, as well as full-time workers. The EPLIpolicy may also cover damages awarded to an employee. If a business is considering a legal settlement, EPLI may cover the settlement payment.

To determine if you have a need for employment practices liability insurance, consider these questions:

  • Do you hire employees? Is your workforce growing?
  • Does your firm manage workers who handle your human resources needs on a full-time basis?
  • Do you have a written policy and procedures manual? Is the manual updated periodically? Does the manual include human resources policies?
  • Do your hire independent contractors or work with volunteers?
  • Has your attorney discussed employment practices liability with you?
  • Have other firms in your industry experienced employment practices litigation?

If you determine that employment practices liability insurance may be a need for you, we can help. Our professional staff can discuss your firm’s specific needs and generate an insurance quote for you. That quote will detail the employment practices covered by the policy, and the dollar amount of coverage. Request a free quote.




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