Jewelers Block Insurance Policy

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Jewelers Block Insurance

Jewelry is an expensive and potentially high-risk business. That’s where Jewelers Block coverage comes in! A Jewelers Block policy provides all-risk coverage for physical damage to, or loss of, to property used in the jewelry trade.

An all-risk policy means that the insurer must specify which instances are not covered rather than listing what is covered. Typically jewelers block insurance covers theft, robbery, fire, shoplifting, and several other causes of loss or damage. Exclusions may include mysterious loss or employee dishonesty. Your broker can help you understand the details of your policy.

It is essential to discuss the details of your unique policy with your insurance broker. A Jewelers Block policy may cover precious and semi-precious stones, precious metals, jewels, and jewelry in the following situations:

The inventory of jewelry for sale, including raw materials and pieces for repair or manufacturing

Any property of customers that may have the business, for example, articles left to be resized or repaired (memo goods)

Registered shipments with certain carriers

Travel losses

Damage caused to jewelry that belongs to a customer during work or handling by a jeweler

The stock moved from the store to a social occasion or event.

Display pieces during store hours.

*You may be required to have an alarm system or meet other criteria to qualify for specific policies.

Jewelers block insurance can make the difference between financial ruin and a successful recovery when the following situations, or similar ones, arise:

Theft occurs in your store. Jewelers block can help with the cost of replacing lost inventory.

An employee damages jewelry that belongs to a client while repairing it. Your insurance policy will help cover the cost of the client’s loss.

A registered shipment is lost while en route to its destination. Jewelers’ Block intends to cover the contents of the shipment.

How Can I Get a Jewelers Block Policy?

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