Special Events Insurance Policy

Your business, charity or family may occasionally host or attend a public event. If you manage a business, you may attend a conference as a vendor or exhibitor. You may host groups of customers at a large event, such as a resort or sporting event.

Many charities host fundraisers at a venue. These events may involve the work of both the charity’s staff and multiple volunteers. The fundraiser may be a charity auction with music and entertainment.

Individuals and families may host a wedding and a reception at a rented venue.

For all of these types of events, you may obtain special event insurance. This type of policy can protect you against a variety of potential liabilities. These policies are also called spectator or public liability insurance. If you rent a facility, the entity may require this type of insurance before you can rent the facility.

Working At A Venue

Special event insurance can cover risks related to your business conference. The policy can ensure any expensive property from damage or theft. That can include the venue’s property, as well as property you bring to the event. You might bring equipment for a large presentation, for example.

Your policy can also provide general liability coverage. This insurance protects you, should someone claim they were injured at your event. This policy can cover employees, guests and volunteers.

A special event may include some of your employees. If the event is offsite, it may be more difficult to manage your staff. You can obtain an employment practices liability policy. This document can protect you against claims of harassment and discrimination.

These same types of coverage can be put in place for your charity, or for a family event.

To determine if special event insurance is right for you, consider these questions:

  • Do you participate in special events as a vendor or exhibitor?
  • Does your organization use volunteers at special events?
  • Do you require expensive equipment (video equipment, other technology) when you put on a special event?
  • Do employees attend your special events?
  • Do you employ a third party to manage your events?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, consider Fusco & Orsini. The firm will use their years of insurance experience to create special events insurance plan that fits your needs. Request a free quote.

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