Subcontractor Compliance

Prevent project delays and decrease risk.

At Fusco & Orsini Insurance Services, we dedicate our agency to making it hassle-free for construction companies to track subcontractor compliance. If you are a customer-centric construction company that wants to keep projects on time and budget, our compliance solution will help you get the job done. It offers:

  • Automated insurance tracking
  • Efficient online collaboration
  • Streamlined workflows
  • Decreased operating costs and financial risk

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The challenge: you have unknown insurance liability risks due to incorrect coverages and limits; expired policies; omitted information and exclusions; inefficient back-and-forth correspondence; and error-prone manual tasks.

The solution: An easy-to-use collaborative risk management platform that decreases operating risk improves subcontractor start times and reduces project delays via advanced automation.

Here’s exactly what our platform can help you do:

  • Collect, manage, and track certificates of insurance
  • Verify that coverage meets contractual insurance requirements
  • Quickly identify and fix non-compliant certificate issues.
  • Reduce error-prone, manual (costly) compliance tasks
  •  Document management: Reporting, organizing, import/export docs
  • Provide a centralized platform to view and manage compliance

Let us help you get organized! Please contact Mike Fusco via call or text: (858) 384-1507 or EMAIL: to get started.

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