Everything plumbers need to know about workers’ compensation costs

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You have a plumbing company; or, you are starting a plumbing business. You realize you can’t service all of your clients alone as you grow.

Naturally, you begin to consider hiring, whether it’s your first employee or adding to the team.

Regardless, with staff comes higher overhead, and one of your primary concerns is the cost of workers’ compensation.

You visited the right place because Fusco Orsini & Associates is an independent insurance agency specializing in plumbing contractors’ workers’ compensation insurance. We understand what it takes to secure better work comp rates.

California Workers’ Compensation for Plumbers

California is different than other states because of its dual wage classification system.

Are you familiar with how California’s dual wage classification workers? If not, we recommend you call us for help.

-Class Code 5183 – Plumbing under $28.00 / hr.

-Class Code 5187 – Plumbing equal to or greater than $28.00 / hr.

Mike Fusco (in the video) surveyed his policyholders and found that California workers’ compensation rates in class code 5183 range from $4.36 per $100 to $8.58 per $100 at the time of this video. Ranges for class code 5187 are $2.38 to $3.81 per $100 of payroll.

Workers’ Compensation for Plumbers Outside of California

Dual wage classifications do not apply in all other states. In a survey of random accounts, Mike found that workers’ compensation rates for plumbing contractors range from $3.01 per $100 to $4.51 per $100. Of course, rates fluctuate by state and by specific characteristics of each plumbing company.

Why do work comp rates fluctuate for plumbers?

Read on to understand more! You may notice that Mike provides a wide range of workers’ compensation, which will help you plan but not generate firm calculations.

We are happy to provide you with a detailed proposal from our extensive network of insurance companies, so please connect with us to begin the underwriting process.

Rates fluctuate due to several factors, such as company history, claims history, geographical location, experience modification rating, and business operations.

How to get better work comp rates

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