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Have you considered implementing a return-to-work program for your business? A return-to-work program can be crucial to a workers’ compensation strategy.

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Why you should Consider Having an ‘RTW Program’ for your Company!

Regardless of your industry or company, your employees may face challenges such as on-the-job injuries or illnesses. Therefore, it is crucial to have a well-crafted return-to-work plan in place. You would want your employees to be able to return to work in a healthy state as soon as possible because it benefits both them and your business.

How does an RTW program work?

Employees often require additional support following an absence from work due to illness, injury, or chronic health issues. The aim is to facilitate a seamless and prompt recovery for the individual.

Why does my business need an RTW program?

Many employers don’t see the value in implementing a Return to Work program. However, it can benefit both the employer and employees.

Top reasons an RTW program helps your business include:
  • It can help ease the anxieties of employees returning to work following a workplace injury or illness.
  • Your organization can improve its employee support and enhance morale.
  • It assists workers who have been injured or fallen ill return to work faster.
  • It reduces the possibility that employees may not return after a long absence.
  • Employers may have the opportunity to receive financial incentives, such as discounts on insurance premiums.

How does a Return To Work program support employees?

Ideally, a program of this kind would be integrated with other benefits to ensure employees can access all the services they need for a speedy recovery.

Top means of support include:

  • Counseling
  • Referral
  • Coordination of medical care
  • Adjustments inside the workplace
  • Modifications to job responsibilities 

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