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Info on Controlled Insurance Programs That Every Contractor Should Know

One of the most misunderstood or overlooked insurance products for construction industry professionals is Controlled Insurance Programs (CIPs). It’s essential for contractors to understand CIPs, whether an OCIP (Owned-Controlled Insurance Program) or CCIP (Contractor-Controlled Insurance Program). Mike Fusco explains CIPs…

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ATTENTION CONTRACTORS! READ your insurance requirements!

ATTENTION CONTRACTORS! READ your insurance requirements. It will mean the difference between a profitable construction business and one that sinks into the red. Fusco Orsini & Associates has 50+ years of combined experience working with contractors. We KNOW insurance requirements…

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We Are Talking Claims on the Insurance Haus With Gwen Larkin!

In this episode of the Insurance Haus podcast, host Mike Fusco is joined by Gwendolyn Larkin, Gwendolyn has an extensive and impressive career working in the insurance industry, specifically in carrier claims departments. Gwendolyn currently serves as Enterprise Claims Technical…

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3 Ways to Save on Your Business Auto Insurance Policy

As the commercial auto insurance marketplace continues to harden, small business owners must understand ways to save on their auto insurance policy. Although we expect business auto insurance premiums to level out or potentially decrease starting in 2022, Mike Fusco…

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